First Light Baptist Mission

Mission Philosophy

Wyldewood Baptist Church has long recognized the important role of mission agencies. After much prayer, we determined to launch our own agency in 2003, offering a broad range of support services to the missionary and to his sending church. While not in competition with any other organization, we understood the need for a sending agency that was totally based in the local church. We applaud the work that others are doing for God and we cooperate with them in every way we can. As First Light Baptist Mission took its place alongside these other agencies, we had a clear sense of where we fit in the grand scheme of things.

Every organization has its inherent strengths and weaknesses:

1. Some missionaries are served by “full service” mission boards that provide leadership, contacts, oversight, support services, field directors, retirement programs, insurance, etc. In general, these agencies are para-church organizations that are run by a board of directors. Many established mission boards were started decades ago and have served hundreds of missionaries very well. To a varying degree, they work in cooperation with local churches. They are able to assist the missionary in many ways, but these services often cost a lot of money and that financial burden is usually borne by the missionary.

2. At the other end of the spectrum, there are local church sending agencies and financial clearinghouses that serve missionaries. Many local churches do a wonderful job in this regard and we applaud their ministries. However, there are others that provide few (if any) services except to handle the missionary’s financial support and perhaps help mail his newsletter. While they are usually tied directly to a local church, they seldom provide any real supervision or support for the missionary. They often allow the missionary to do whatever he pleases but they charge little (or no) money. While some missionaries find this an attractive option, there are some obvious deficits in this approach.

First Light Baptist Mission has positioned itself in between these two. We are a local church agency, but we are able to provide some of the same benefits that the full-service agencies offer. One of our strengths is the service that we provide to the local church so they can help guide their missionary. It is our earnest desire to be a blessing to all we serve. We believe that missionaries and evangelists need dependable support, advice, encouragement and accountability on the field. The combined resources of Wyldewood Baptist Church enable us to help supply these needs.

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