First Light Baptist Mission

Mission Administration

First Light Baptist Mission (FLBM) is a local church ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church. The pastor and deacons of Wyldewood Baptist Church make up the missions committee. They establish overall policy for all mission ministries of the church, including FLBM. The day-to-day administration and operation of First Light Baptist Mission is led by an Executive Board made up of five people. They are appointed by (and are directly responsible to) the pastor of the church. The board is self-perpetuating and the members serve at the discretion of the pastor. There is also a Board of Reference, made up of men around America who allow us to use their names for promotional purposes and who offer suggestions for ways to improve the mission.

  1. President - According to provisions in the church by-laws, the pastor of Wyldewood Baptist Church serves as the president of FLBM. He is ultimately responsible for the ministry. He provides direction and acts as the liaison for the ministry to the church body. He is the chairman of all business meetings held by FLBM.
  2. Executive Director - The executive director is responsible for the daily oversight of the ministry and for coordinating its operation. He directs office staff, helps establish policy and procedures and is directly over secretarial staff. He is responsible for handling paid personnel and for overseeing the finances. He leads the executive committee in interviews with prospective missionaries and in making decisions regarding various missionaries.
  3. Assistant Director - The assistant director is responsible to the executive director and carries out assigned duties. These include, but are not limited to: regular communications with the missionaries on behalf of the mission, doing background searches on prospects, helping solve problems that missionaries encounter on the field and being responsible for daily operations in the absence of the executive director.
  4. Financial Secretary - He is responsible to the executive director and is responsible for the financial dealings of the mission. He is responsible to properly receive, transfer, document and report all financial transactions of the mission. This includes setting up necessary accounts at the bank, maintaining an accurate chart of accounts, properly receipting all donors and communicating with the missionary regarding the handling of his funds. He must also generate a year-end report in a manner acceptable to the treasurer and trustees of Wyldewood Baptist Church, presented to the treasurer by January 15th of each year. He also advises donors regarding gifts and advises the executive committee regarding legal and financial matters. He serves in an advisory capacity to the missionaries on the field.
  5. Secretary - The secretary is responsible to the executive director. Her duties include keeping minutes at the meetings of the FLBM board and distributing a copy to each member. She must also assist the director in whatever capacity deemed appropriate and necessary. This includes making certain that all mailings are completed in a timely fashion, handling correspondence, preparing a year-end summary of mission accomplishments and overseeing the production and publication of promotional materials.
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