First Light Baptist Mission

Mission Board of Reference

First Light Baptist Mission understands the value of obtaining counsel to help guide the mission. Many successful mission organizations were consulted (and listened to) when FLBM was being formed. At the request of the Executive Board, various men from within the church and around the country are asked to serve on the Board of Reference. They lend expertise and credibility to the mission. Their service as counselors is invaluable and their willingness to vouch for this ministry is a tremendous help toward opening new avenues of service and support. You may contact any of these men for a referral or for more information.

Brother Ron Burns
Wyldewood Baptist Church
3030 Witzel Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54904

Pastor Paul Heaton
Bible Baptist Church
P.O Box 42
Lupton, MI 48635

Pastor Craig Scott
Woodside Baptist Church
8500 East Alameda
Denver, CO 80231

Dr. Bob Green
P.O. Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Dr. Phil Stringer
Ravenswood Baptist Church
4455 North Seeley
Chicago, IL 60625

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